A Cinematic Masterclass: Flash Film Academy Review

As the founder of Ronin Visuals, I’ve had the privilege of exploring various educational resources to refine my craft in cinematic business-to-business and business-to-government content creation. Among these, Flash Film Academy stands out as a beacon of knowledge for both budding and seasoned professional filmmakers.
The creator of Flash Film Academy, Ty Turner, has made a company and social group that has transcended the camera and taken creators from behind the lens and moved them to a variety of business leadership positions across the world.
From the moment I engaged with their courses, I was impressed by the depth and breadth of content available. The instructors at Flash Film Academy are not only masters of their art but also exceptional educators who understand the nuances of conveying complex concepts in an accessible manner.
Their curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of skill levels, ensuring that every student finds value, whether they’re just starting out or looking to polish their business skills. The lessons on starting a company the right way, and how to build your company’s services to cater to a profitable niche, and behind-the-scenes in working with other business owners to make the right content that makes them money, all serve to make new creative companies viable and relevant in the 2024 media market.
Moreover, Flash Film Academy‘s commitment to staying abreast of the latest industry trends is evident in their course updates and inclusion of cutting-edge techniques. This forward-thinking approach has empowered us at Ronin Visuals to push the boundaries of what we can achieve with our drone cinematography.

The worldwide membership of the group has helped Ronin Visuals expand in to multiple markets and niches, including photo booths, sUAS drone photography and cinematography, as well as social media marketing agency (SMMA), and the technical challenges of live streaming.

Flash Film Academy icon

Flash Film Academy icon (courtesy Flash Film Academy)

In an industry where the landscape is constantly evolving, Flash Film Academy has been an unwavering source of knowledge and inspiration. Their courses have not only enhanced our technical abilities but also enriched our abilities to communicate with our clients.
I wholeheartedly recommend Flash Film Academy to anyone passionate about making marketable content and looking to elevate their storytelling to profitable cinematic heights. Their educational offerings are a worthy investment for a future rich in visual storytelling.

Creighton Holub

Creighton Holub is a Project Manager at Ronin Visuals by Cypress Content Creation LLC. We provide media-centric solutions for businesses and educational institutions. With nearly three decades of media experience, Mr. Holub’s expertise in print media has transitioned to all modern forms of online and offline media.

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