Amateur Photography EDC

Every Day Carry (EDC) for photography is all about having a set of tools and accessories that are essential for your photography work, which you can carry with you at all times. Here are some tips on how to integrate EDC into your photography:

  1. Choose the Right Bag: Select a bag that is comfortable to carry and has enough compartments to organize your gear. It should be durable and weather-resistant to protect your equipment. For professional users, we like the Tamrac Anvil 27
  2. Essential Gear: Your EDC should include your camera, a versatile lens, extra batteries, SD memory cards, and a cleaning kit. Consider the type of photography you do most often and tailor your gear accordingly.
  3. Accessibility: Arrange your gear in a way that allows quick access. This is crucial for capturing those fleeting moments. Always be ready to fall back to your phone, which is the tool that amateurs like yourself are most comfortable with.
  4. Lightweight and Compact: Opt for gear that is lightweight and compact. This makes it easier to carry around and less intrusive when shooting in public spaces. Heavy f/2.8 lenses get heavy over the course of a day.
  5. Backup solutions: Have your phone fully charged before you leave your house or hotel when on vacation!
  6. Power Solutions: Include a USB-C battery backup that you can carry easily.
  7. Personal Comfort: Have your personal must-have’s such as ibuprofen or Tylenol.

The best tip from globetrotting professional photographer Creighton Holub: “Upgrade your phone before you go on a big vacation. Right now in summer 2024 that means an iPhone 15 Pro Max ( If you’re an Android user, get the equivalent. You will use it way more than a “big” camera. If you’re being pragmatic, most people will just need the newest version of your phone. It lets you go straight to all your favorite social media apps for sharing your experience. Using a camera slows you down and takes you out of the moment.”

Remember, the key to a useful EDC is that it should contain items that are essential for your work and personal comfort, yet remain lightweight and manageable. It’s about being prepared for various situations without being weighed down by too much gear.

Creighton Holub

Creighton Holub is a Project Manager at Ronin Visuals by Cypress Content Creation LLC. We provide media-centric solutions for businesses and educational institutions. With nearly three decades of media experience, Mr. Holub’s expertise in print media has transitioned to all modern forms of online and offline media.

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